Life is a journey with peaks and valleys and sometimes, we need more than a friend or family member to help us see our way through, to gain a different perspective or to help build some new and useful habits. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. I lost my husband of many years to cancer quite suddenly. Shortly thereafter, my mother had to undergo cancer treatment and I was having a very difficult time staying positive. Group counseling and psychotherapy were not what I needed or wanted. Talking with family members was out of the question and I needed more than just lunch with my girlfriends. I am grateful to have been able to work with Andrea. Her personal experience and compassion helped me through an extremely painful time and restored my optimism and hope for the future. — Les M., Langley, WA, USA

It was extremely helpful to have Andrea's business coaching while I was composing the promotional material for my real estate practice. Thank you kindly for your ongoing support with my website content and client brochures. Andrea's expertise with composition and content writing and editing is greatly appreciated and saved me a tonne of time and energy. — Aneta K, Thornton, Ontario

Andrea, Thank you so much for coaching me through putting together a winning resume. It, along with the cover letter we put together and your interview training, undoubtedly made the difference when I was beginning a new career after being out of the workforce for many years. Your coaching influence has had a positive effect on my life in both a personal and professional capacity. The time we spend together keeps me focused on my aspirations and moving toward my goals. — ES, Barrie, Ontario

I never thought I'd be facing a life threatening illness at my age. Working and raising a family... who has time for cancer? My cancer treatments and follow-up appointments were time consuming and debilitating. Treatment for lymphoma is terrible and even though my faith is strong, I felt overwhelmed and sometimes, hopeless. Just when I was most frustrated, a message of encouragement from Andrea would lift my spirits and give me the strength to forge ahead. When family and friends didn't seem to understand what I was going through, I was very grateful that Andrea did. — Charity D, Barrie, ON


Andrea is a wonderful, intelligent coach whom I met while I was going through a very troubling time in my life. She brought great insight that led to positive results during my health challenges. I'm thankful for her support, compassion and understanding and look forward to our conversations together. — Darlene Poirier, Innisfil, Ontario


I've had the pleasure of knowing Andrea for five years and I feel that her friendship and personal mentoring has had a positive effect on my life. I am certain she'll continue to have a strong and positive impact on me for the rest of my life. Andrea has shown me through personal example what being courageous and optimistic means. What overcoming fear and doubt means. What challenging yourself to be better means. If you want to get advice on how to be a millionaire you need to talk to a millionaire. If you need to become stronger, more focused and goal~oriented or to overcome your personal challenges, then you need Andrea in your corner. She will give you guidance, strength, compassion, and sometimes kick you in the pants to take the action you REALLY need to take for yourself, and for those you love. No one ever said life was going to be easy and sometimes, it seems like the universe is against you. We can meet these challenges alone. It's tough going through it alone. I'm so thankful to have Andrea as my personal success coach because I don't have to go through it alone. — Laura M, Windsor, ON (www.lauraglobalteam.com)


Andrea is easily the most positive, uplifting person I know. Never judging, always smiling, constantly encouraging. She is someone who truly wants to see you win in life and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve success. Very refreshing in this world. — Deborah M, Scarborough, Ontario


I've had the pleasure of knowing Andrea since 1996 and since then, have followed her journey from a young business woman to a married mother of four children. There have been many surprises along the way, both blessings and challenges and I've watched as she's embraced them all and overcome the hardships. She truly is an inspiration to me, and to anyone who knows her, for the courageous and passionate way she has worked through her life challenges. Andrea has experienced Divine Intervention and I am pleased that she has found a way to use the culmination of her life experiences to help others grow. She is a wonderful coach, mentor and someone I'm happy to call a friend.— Jacqueline Crawford, Drayton Valley, Alberta, www.beehivesupportservicesassociation.com

Though miles away, Andrea has played an instrumental role in helping me cope with my husband's recent diagnosis of CLL Stage 4 Cancer. Through her compassion and life experience, she has enabled me to take a sensible approach to my husband's treatment and recovery. Her mentoring, friendship and encouragment have helped me to remain focused on the important issues my family now face. Andrea continues to support my journey through educational correspondence and words of wisdom. She is a committed professional, as well as a forever friend. — Gina McKnight, Ohio, USA, www.gmcknight.com

I would like to congratulate Andrea on her commitment to coaching and absolutely recommend her 100%. I have been fortunate to work with Andrea in her role as Community Manager for our social network MyLifeList.org. Andrea has had a Life List since her early teens, so she could share openly her experiences, both the highs and the lows. She is able to demonstrate incredible understanding and empathy toward any challenge that someone is facing. During our 21 Day Challenge her support and insight helped guide a number of our members to achieve their Life List goals. She is a kind, generous and wonderful person and I wish her and her clients great success. — Bill Starr, CPA, CA www.mylifelist.org

newtest.jpgFor the past several years, Andrea has shown me what it means to be resilient, optimistic, and successful. She is enthusiastic about sharing life strategies that have the potential to shape people's lives for the better. When Andrea communicates, it is with a genuine heart and a clear desire to help others. I would highly recommend her as your personal success coach..— M. Cooper, Osaka, Japan

"Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones that you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

— Mark Twain

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