A coach may be the guardian angel you need”
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How it Works


The Client talks about dreams and aspirations, wins, problems, insights, dilemmas, upsets, breakthroughs, shifts, fears, financial results, new ideas, feelings and anything else that is on their mind. The Coach asks a lot of questions, listens intently, makes requests, assists the client to clarify who they are and what they want their life to be, to set bigger and better goals, and to resolve problems and implement strategies. The coach keeps the client focused on what (s)he wants to accomplish.


When hearts listen, angels sing.”


    Coaching is typically by telephone with regular weekly 30 or 45 minute sessions. Coaching is very powerful by telephone as there are no visual distractions and it is a highly effective method. We are both better able to focus on the content of the conversation and there is also the saving in travel time and costs for both of us. You will receive coaching in the convenience of your home or office, allowing you to be in a comfortable place to really talk.

    Clients complete in intake form providing me with personal information, some primary areas of focus, answers to pertinent questions, and a coaching preparation sheet which will assist you to prepare for coaching calls.

    Discovery Session

    Coaching usually begins with a discovery session. I will learn about you and we will begin to design how our coaching relationship will work best for you. It usually takes 2 – 3 hours, and is important in creating the foundation of your coaching experience. There is a separate charge of $200 for the discovery session.

    You will receive a packet from me either by email or regular mail that includes some forms. Some are basic, like information about you (name, address, etc.) and the coaching contract. Also included in the packet are some exercises to assist you in clarifying such things as the most important values in your life, where you are right now, what you would like to achieve with coaching, and how I can support you as your coach.

    After you fax, email, or mail these forms back to me, we'll set the appointment for the discovery session. Unlike regular coaching sessions which are done on the phone, the discovery session is generally done in person.

    During the discovery session, we will go over the information on the forms and discuss your goals and dreams. We'll talk about how you want to be supported and what works best for you so that you'll gain optimum results from our coaching partnership. I'll explain more about how coaching works and the coaching tools that we'll be using.

    Coaching Session

    Coaching generally takes place on the phone in 40 minute sessions two or three times per month. During a coaching session I will listen intently, focusing on what you are saying and what you are not saying. I will act as a mirror and ask powerful questions to get you to explore your deepest motivation. I will encourage you to look at situations from different perspectives to gain deeper understanding and clarity.

    Completion Session

    When the time comes to conclude the partnership, it is beneficial to have a final Completion Session. This can take place during the final scheduled session or a longer, more in-depth session may be requested by the client. During this session the client may want to clarify their vision, take stock, celebrate and/or evaluate the journey they have taken. It is valuable for both client and coach to feel a sense of completion.

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