Gold Key Success Solutions For Relationships


You likely learned how to be a partner and a parent from the examples you grew up with. You may have learned to manage your finances the same way. The examples I grew up with fell seriously short of what I wanted to emulate as a wife and a mother. Living an exceptional life, enjoying an exceptional marriage and raising exceptional children meant learning some new skills and techniques. These programs give you a step-by-step proven success systems that will move you from misery to mastery of your relationships, your finances, your life.

Contact us to inquire about the right coaching package for you. Curious about coaching? Have a question you'd like answered? Let's chat about it. Your Gold Key Breakthrough Session is complimentary and obligation-free.

Masterfully Matched - 4 Sessions

476068523.jpgOur most popular Gold Key Success Solution Program. Stop sitting at the singles table while all your friends are getting hitched. Avoid the mistakes of your past before taking another spin on the carousel. Learn how to finally find soul-level, committed love even when finding a life partner in today's virtual world seems virtually impossible. You'll be Masterfully Matched and move from the singles table to the head table, cutting the cake with the partner of your dreams.

Ditch Your Debt Monkey - 4 Sessions

56569998.jpgDreaded DEBT MONKEY weighing you down? You're underpaid, overextended and there's always too much month for the money. Time to pull your head out of the sand. Stop borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, fighting over finances and finally get control of that monkey before he poisons your partnership. Get out of the red and into the black, let's get that miserable monkey off your back. Our most powerful success solution system is as simple (not easy) as 1, 2, 3. You will absolutely be 100% debt free.

Relationship Rescue - 8 Sessions

510040551.jpgHad it with just getting by day to day, living like roommates or two ships passing in the night? Fed up with the all night blow outs about the kids, the in-laws and finances that sap your energy and make you question your commitment? Sometimes, the love of your life just doesn't feel like the love of your life. With Relationship Rescue, you'll move from marriage misery to unified mastery. Learn strategies to hydroplane over the crap, develop relationship saving skills, finally break through to your partner and connect on a deeper level. Your marriage is worth rescuing. The kids are worth it too.

Dating Survival Guide - 4 Sessions

479441811.jpgIt's a whole new and exciting world. One filled with incredible highs and seemingly impossible lows mixed with all kinds of subliminal messages up for interpretation. You don't want to rob your daughter of the exhilaration of falling in love, but you don't want her veering off the path to a successful future either. Give her the tools she needs to develop confidence and poise, make wise choices and set high standards so she can enjoy the freedom of her youth and still stay on track with her future.

"The secret to developing the very best relationships is to leave your world and join them in theirs."

— Terry Gogna

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