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Membership Has It's Privileges

At Coach For Life, we strive to give you the most rewarding coaching experience possible for your investment ~ an investment you are making into yourself ~ your personal growth, development and toward your success. As a highly valued client, you don't just sign up for a coaching session and then feel abandoned with your new tools and techniques. That wouldn't lead to your ongoing success. With your enrollment into one of the Gold Key Success Solutions programs, you'll become a Coach For Life member and have access to so much more beyond individual coaching.

As a member, you'll receive the guidance and encouragement necessary to apply your knowledge in a step-by-step process that works. Having a coaching membership is like having a gym membership - you can access your coaching whenever you want to or need to. You don't have to wait until your next scheduled appointment for mentorship or support. To maximize your success, transform your life and take advantage of added benefits, you'll gain access to a private coaching community and stay connected to me, your personal success coach, as well as to other members going through similar programs, sharing your experiences. Your level of connection and involvement is entirely up to you. With your membership, you're entitled to bonus coaching delivered electronically, as well as continued e-mail support through the duration of your program. You'll also be given VIP access to promotions and training that becomes available beyond the extent of your program.

My commitment is to help you enjoy more success and abundance in every facet of your life by blending strategy and action with proven success systems.

Fat Smashers - 10 Pounds Down

- 12 Session Program (30 Pounds)

460453811.jpgFinally had it with yo-yo dieting and weight loss programs that don't work? It's time to start really living ~ energetically, confidently, healthy and fit. Learn how to stop coming home with the ice cream when you went shopping for the beans! Become educated about food, activity, tools and techniques and go from dieting misery to healthy life mastery. Three months from now, you're thirty pounds lighter and looking amazing in those outfits hidden in the closet. You'll say 'Yes' to that dress and grab your suit for the beach without the wrap. Whether it is just 10 pounds to lose or 110. We'll achieve your goal weight 10 pounds at a time.

Masterfully Matched - 4 Session Program

476068523.jpgFed up with singles table seating while your friends are all getting hitched? Taking another spin on the carousel and want to avoid the mistakes of the past? Learn how to finally find soul-level, committed love by becoming crystal clear about who your life mate really is, and why you absolutely deserve to be together. Your perfect match is out there looking for you right now. Go from dating misery to Masterfully Matched and move from the singles table to the head table, cutting the cake with the partner of your dreams.

Ditch Your Debt Monkey - 8 Session Program

iStock_000031245602_Small.pngYou're underpaid, overextended and fighting with your partner because there's always too much month for the money. Stop borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Learn how to get the dreaded Debt~Monkey off your back and get out of the red and into the black. It's time to pull your head out of the sand, grab ahold of that monkey and take back your financial power! As simple (not easy) as 1, 2, 3. Ditch Your Debt Monkey and you WILL be 100% debt free.

The Masterclass - 12 Session Program

522187667.jpg As the proverb teaches...the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The smallest step in the right direction could be the largest leap of your life. In The Masterclass you'll learn how to unlock the doors to your success and create the life you were meant to live ~ impassioned, revitalized, empowered, focused on achieving your objectives. We'll customize a map with your unique goals and chart a course to create your exceptional life. You can achieve what you believe. Become the master of your winning results.

Dare To Win - 8 Session Program

118426235.jpg Public speaking and interviewing can cause intense anxiety. Take your presentations, speech delivery, interviewing and business correspondence from "Ow" to "WOW!" with the Dare To Win program. You'll learn how to confidently deliver inspiring presentations and have your audience applauding, not nodding off. Get the strategies you need to achieve winning results every time.

Where There's A Will, There's An 'A'

- 12 Session Program

iStock_000034013672_Small.jpgYou know your child is capable of excellent grades, but their report card doesn't reflect it. Beyond improved grades, you want your student to develop winning habits for life. By learning the art of studying effectively, improving reading skills, writing skills and memory retention, your child's confidence will soar. So will their grades. They'll learn how to become an expert tester and to produce exceptional papers and presentations. From average to exceptional, we'll develop the 'A' student in your child.

"Getting knocked down in life is a given. Getting up and moving forward is a choice."

— Zig Ziglar

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