"It's never too late to become what you might have been."
George Elliot

What are the benefits?

The personal, professional and financial benefits you can realize from coaching are priceless.

7 things you can expect as a Co-Active Coaching client:

  1. Expect your life to change: Co-Active Coaching will help you to break free of the blocks that hold you back in your life and keep you focused on the things that will bring you the most fulfillment.
  2. Expect the best: You are creative, resourceful and whole and your coach will hold you up to be the best person that you can be for yourself.
  3. Expect the truth: You will be coached without judgment, without an agenda (the focus is on what you want for yourself), without assumptions and without prejudice. You will be held accountable only to your truths and no one else's.
  4. Expect to accept responsibility: You will be held accountable for your growth with the focus on your goals and making you aware of your blocks.
  5. Expect to have fun: Coaching is fun! We are here to celebrate your life because life is about having fun!
  6. Expect to learn: Co-Active -Coaching designs a relationship with you that is unique only to you. The focus is on teaching you the necessary tools to bring you to success in your life.
  7. Expect to share: Co-Active Coaching is an experience that will become so evident in your life that other's will be prepared to talk about your coaching as you continue to grow and change.

Instead of continuing to live a life on automatic pilot,  Imagine if you could:

  • Clarify your values, passions, goals and life objectives!
  • Create a balanced life in which you are spending your time doing the things you really want to be doing!
  • Unleash your potential to achieve your dreams!
  • Enhance career satisfaction and performance through greater focus, renewed commitment and motivation.  Feel motivated to move forward decisively. 
  • Redesign your life to achieve personal and professional fulfillment, balance and purpose.
  • Improve leadership, communication, time management and life skills.
  • Lead a simpler life rich in meaning and purpose.
  • Gain an edge unrealized by those who don't explore and develop themselves




“Things do not change,
we change.”

Henry David Thoreau